Kentucky’s Crescendo

Kentucky’s Crescendo

Drum roll please.

After saying goodbye to Taz, my heart was heavy and my eyes swelled knowing how unpredictable my equine journey had suddenly become. That is, until I met a fiery dragon called Lexington, and suddenly, my dream as a little girl came to life. 

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While the journey to Lexington was difficult and long, the decision was immediate. During the trial, after seeing him and his owner move so beautifully together, I was intimidated by his potential. But as soon as I got on, I had never felt so safe, calm, and natural. He was a perfect gentleman and took everything one stride at a time. While we were cooling down, I remember getting a tingle in my stomach because of how excited I was- I didn’t want to get off of him! That night, I had made the decision to free lease Lexington. 


Like a child’s excitement on Christmas Eve, I was unable to sleep the night before getting Lexington. I couldn’t believe he was going to be mine. I knew this would be a big change for him because of the special bond he had with his owner- it was truly special. Later that afternoon, my coach and I packed up the trailer, loaded Lexington, and then the journey began. The experience and skills Taz taught me, are now transferable to create my bond with Lexington. With patience, perseverance, and an understanding heart, Lexington and I have been able to create a foundation for an unbeatable bond.


Lexington came from a truly special home with a long history of unconditional love and care. Being able to love him and call him mine is an honour, he is unlike any other horse I’ve met. Lexington has a thunder-like canter, a unstoppable scope, looks that demand attention, yet a gentle heart and kind eyes. I can’t wait to see our partnership grow and to reach our full potential. My heart is overflowing with the love, excitement, and joy I have for him. I know we will do great things, let the journey begin!