1, 2, 3, Cheese!

1, 2, 3, Cheese!

Lights, camera, action…


I had the opportunity to shoot with Daria M. a well known equestrian and lifestyle YouTuber. Not only is she a talented equestrian, but she is an amazing photographer! Daria is so genuine and made me feel comfortable right from the get-go. In addition, she asked me what my creative vision was, what kind of shots I wanted, if we had to do specific ones, etc. Daria really made sure I got every kind of shot I wanted and then some!


As a photographer, I can empathize with the difficulties that come along with it. Whether it is lighting, angles, or environment something is not going to go according to plan. Daria and I had challenges with Lex, once we got up into the field because he was very alert to everything. He got agitated and spooky, we then went inside to calm him down. Once we were inside, we struggled with finding the right light. It was mid afternoon and the lighting was either too harsh or non existent. This being said, Daria handled everything like a pro. She really took everything one shot at a time, adjusting when she had to and directing when I asked or if she felt it was needed.


Lastly, Daria did a fantastic job capturing Lexington’s personality and the relationship him and I are forming. If you are in Canada and reside in the province of Ontario, I recommend her for those wanting high-quality photos with your loved ones.

Daria’s rates are as followed:

Package #1: $160.00 (+ 0.50/km) one hour photo session

25+ edited photos

Package #2: $200.00 (+0.50/km) 40 minute photo session

20 minute black portrait for 25+ photos

4-5 black background photos