Reset, Refresh, and Restart

Reset, Refresh, and Restart

Whether it's in the ring, on the streets, or in the class room there will always be people who try to knock you down. The trick is to not let them get the best of you! 

From my own personal experience I have struggled with gaining positive perspectives and keeping my eyes up and forward when people have done wrong by me. It's easy to fall back on grudges and insecurities, but I always remind myself to never waste my time on such people.

In the midst of chaos, I have three pillars of support that I know will always be there for me. Here are my three coping mechanisms for keeping my head held high with my eyes up and forward. 

Safe place

Photography by  Andrew Ouzounis

Photography by Andrew Ouzounis

Create a safe place for yourself, somewhere that is complete and utter bliss when you immerse yourself in it. My safe place is when I'm around Taz! I am so fortunate to have a cuddle bug that demands my attention and adores my love. He takes the focus off myself which lets my mind rest, so when I come back I have a new outlook. When I'm having a hard week going up to the barn during the evenings act as a reset button or a breath of fresh air in my lungs. 


I find writing in journals extremely beneficial. If you don't open up to people easily, then try writing down your feelings! As cliche as it may sound, the pen and paper are never ending and will never not want to "listen" to you. Write your frustrations, doubts, and insecurities out and then let them go. I find peace of mind knowing that once I've written it, I can simply be done with it. 



Music is a huge part of my life and it helps me get through the lows and is always there to support me through the highs of my life. Sometimes when I'm in a mood and discouraged, I turn on Spotify. I blast the music in my room and just listen to it while I'm working and it transports me into another world! It's amazing what it can do!