Equine Jewellery

Equine Jewellery

Equine inspired jewellery for both in the city and the stable. 

I am thrilled to announce my new partnership with Surpiqure, an equine inspired jewellery company. Surpiqure is located in France and their creations are stunning! With minimalist designs and equine motifs throughout their collections you're guaranteed to take both your riding outfit and street look to the next level. 

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I'm here to show you how I wear my Aubry Leather Bracelet at the stable. Not only do I adore this look, but I love how the bracelet seamlessly ties everything together. Today I'm wearing my Kerrits knee-patch breeches, Dreamer and Schemer socks, and Alpha Mare Equestrian t-shirt.


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Black has always spoken to me because I find it easy to pair outfits with (casual and formal) and I think Taz looks so handsome in it! If black isn't your colour, no need to fret! Surpiqure offers this bracelet and others in variety of different coloured leather bands. Don't forget to check their website out and I hope this has helped inspire your next #rootd!  


Photography by  Andrew Ouzounis

Photography by Andrew Ouzounis