Riding Outfit of the Day (rootd): Azure Skies

Riding Outfit of the Day (rootd): Azure Skies

Today, I’m walking you through my riding outfit.

This #rootd is featuring my Dreamer and Schemer socks and my Tribal puffer jacket. With the cooler temperatures rolling in, I paired the beige breeches with a navy sweater! Sweaters you can layer on top of or underneath are great transition pieces, guaranteed to keep you cozy. The beige and navy combo is a great one for the Fall because it takes you into a darker wardrobe without eliminating colour.


As for the socks, they pretty much speak for themselves. Dreamer and Schemer socks are able to seamlessly transition you from training to the show ring with their “no show” black band. Take your matchy matchy game to the next level and coordinate colours with your pony’s polos- that’s how many patterns they have!

The navy puffer is one of my favourite Fall jackets, it has a soft plush inside that will keep you warm throughout your ride. With the removable arms it also turns into a vest. The diamond quilt pattern adds a subtle hint of details to your outfit and did I mention that the pockets are fleece lined as well?! This jacket really goes with any colour combo and seamlessly transitions you from the stable into the city streets.