Stay Secure In and Out of the Saddle

Stay Secure In and Out of the Saddle


Some cycles are worse than others, some late, some early, and some just irregular. Whether I'm strolling through the city, sitting in class, or riding I always worry of standing up and finding out I have a mishap. We all want to be able to feel secure no matter where we are or what we are doing! Knix allows my period nightmares to be put to rest. This leak-proof underwear offers "worry-free protection from all of life's leaks". My favourite part about their product is that they look like regular underwear and aren't bulky. 

Knix has also recently released their newest sports bra- The Catalyst. The Catalyst is my new go to sports bra and even lounge bra (that’s how comfy it is). I’ve never felt so secure while posting, sitting a trot, and barebacking! The bra band is wider than normal, which adds extra support when needed. In addition, The Catalyst has ventilation between the cups, to help wick away moisture and keep you dry. This is so important to me, because in the summer you get sweaty, well, (lets be honest…) everywhere. Lastly, I found that many other sports bras created a uni-boob shape, creating an odd profile shape. Knix has created a sports bra that keeps your natural shape, all while keeping you in place. What more could you really ask for? Knix makes me feel secure in the saddle and out of the saddle when I'm working my hardest at the barn and in the city.

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