Calling All Influencers

In the realm of social media and influencers we get tangled in others opinions.

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Whether it is a caption, video or post, it is us to to determine how we react to it. With that being said, influencers have a critical role to play in the communication exchange between content and viewer. I believe it is crucial for influencers (or those who want to become one) to know the responsibility that comes with being one. An influencers role is literally within it’s title! Having a following, creating a relationships, and engaging with others is so meaningful. Influencers are able to make lasting impressions through what they post, which is why the content needs to be filtered to a certain extent- similar to how we filter our photos.

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A lot of the followers are young impressionable men and women, which is why exposing them to negative content can be toxic. There is a famous saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all” many people don’t practice this, when they should. As an influencer, while stating a personal opinion you need to be very careful not to step on or belittle others. When followers are scrolling through social media platforms they should be inspired, motivated, and encouraged by the content being created.

As a micro-influencer, I create my content based on what my followers want, current industry trends, and inspiration drawn from my surroundings. My role is not to solely produce content, let others know about products, and gain a greater following. But rather inspiring others, creating challenging dialogue, and to share my passions. The content I create is to inspire and motivate others, not to state negative opinions to an audience.

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