Leather Care Routine

Sterling Essentials

When I first started riding, my least favourite part was cleaning my tack. Wet, greasy and smelly hands were my nemesis and I couldn’t care less for it. Now that I’m much older and realize the value of leather goods- you bet I’m taking care of my tack! With that being said, it still isn’t my favourite as it’s quite a process. Fortunately, after over 7 years of cleaning tack, I stumbled upon Sterling Essentials. Their products are made with organic ingredients and essential oils that smell amazing and doesn’t leave a greasy residue!

I used both the cleaner and conditioner, within less than ten minutes my boots looked brand new! In terms of my saddle, there was a zipper scratch on it, horrified when it happened- I was truly at a loss. The way the saddle soaked up the conditioner was amazing, now you can hardly see the scratch! When I was cleaning my tack, all the parents watching their children’s lessons were raving about how amazing it smelt when passing by. This leather cleaning duo, does the heavy lifting, all while making my life easier. 

After a harsh long winter of using basic cleaning wipes my boots, saddle, and bridal had seen better days. I can officially say my locker smells like lavender and my leather goods haven’t felt so supple in months.

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