How I Created a Brand and How You Can Too

How I Created a Brand and How You Can Too

So, you want to create a brand?

Today, I’m talking about the three pillars Eyes Up, Darling is based on and how you can create a brand too! Creating a brand is not an easy process and has a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes into making one. But with all of the technical aspects aside, the three most important things that create a brand are the purpose and passion, the story behind it and consistency within it.

Purpose and Passion

Have a focus, decide what your brand’s purpose is and stick to it. Having a key message to the brand is crucial to build one. Keeping your brand focused for your intended target audience will aid in defining your brand and how others define you.

Most importantly, do as you preach. Creating a personal brand involves your passions, values and morals therefore (depending on what your brand is) your actual lifestyle and brand will essentially be the same. Your brand is a personal reflection of yourself and it will follow you. Now, that might sound scary but a personal brand needs to be authentic, as it’s an amplified version of what you believe in. 

Your Story

One of the most effective strategies I’ve used is simply, telling my story. My blog is an ongoing story, a way to document my equine journey and experiences while hoping to inspire others around me. It’s a way to show my triumphs and trials with others who may be experiencing the same thing! So, when telling your story be you in an unapologetic, genuine and authentic way. It’s important to remember, people want to read, follow and engage with real people, someone who they can approach and think of a friend. Your brand will encompass your story, so make sure you tell it in an honest way.


Consistency is key both online and offline. Inconsistencies can be detrimental to personal brands and has the ability to affect the impact of the key message. Let’s talk about online consistency, this includes your communication, posts and appearance. Being consistent offline involves how you live your life, with that being said, whether or not you show people 5% of your life verses 90%, your brand is you! With all of that being said, this is where you’re able to create something unique for your audience to associate your brand (and you) with. This can be absolutely anything you’d like and will depend on the brand you’re creating.