Riding Outfit of the Day (rootd): Floral Felicity

Riding Outfit of the Day (rootd): Floral Felicity

Floral Felicity

Now that Spring is in full swing and the temperatures are in the high teens, you bet I’m pulling out all my short sleeve shirts! This is one of my favourite looks to date. Whether you’re schooling off-property or going for a hack, this outfit does it all.

I’m wearing a floral button down from one of my all time favourite designers, Street & Saddle. I paired it with beige breeches (although, you could wear maroon, black, cream or grey) and a cranberry belt.


Street & Saddle designs possess a crazy horse girl energy, that no equestrian could every deny having. The designer, Katelyn, states ‘Street & Saddle is a modern node to equestrian heritage…timeless and unique. Delicate and tough..’. This statement is so accurate, which is why I adore her clothes. In addition, Katelyn makes everything herself, as Street & Saddle is a sustainable small batch company.

As for Lexington, he is dressed in Back On Track and ThinLine. He is in a BoT all purpose saddle pad, open front tendon boots and fetlock boots. Lexington is sporting his ThinLine half pad!

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 8.43.21 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 8.57.53 PM.png