A Letter to Taz

A Letter to Taz

To My Gentle Eyed Boy,

Within a blink of an eye we were almost six months into our lease. I would have never guessed the rollercoaster ride you put me through, but I couldn’t imagine my summer any other way. With a heavy heart and tearful eyes, you return to your mother and brother. Oh boy, did we have a rocky start! Thinking that I’d be better with another horse and you’d be better with another rider, but you proved me wrong. Days, hours, and hundreds of treats later, we had a pivotal moment I was waiting for (and I think you were too).

Thank you for teaching me how to celebrate the little victories. Whether it was getting you to stand still in the cross ties, being able to transition into a canter, or quietly walking back to the barn instead of trotting in the walkway- you’re going back a pro little dude! As rough as our riding had been, we had an unbeatable bond. I never thought I’d have a big cuddly dog as a horse, I couldn’t have asked for more.

I remember when I took you on your first hunt, you were a good boy, standing tall and still- until we went into the woods. Everything I had taught you vanished (you silly crazy boy), but with a little push you mustered up the courage to go on. You’re definitely not a hunt horse, but I thank you for trying a new discipline for the day.

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You taught me patience and I taught you discipline. Seeing how hard you would try for me, gave me the perseverance to continue. Don’t get me wrong, we hit walls, standards, and much more- literally, you clumsy boy! But we never gave up. Thank you for making me understand the importance of the bond between mount and rider. Thank you for educating me on all the responsibilities of having a horse and taking everything with a grain of salt (or fat and fibre). You made me a patient and composed rider.

I’ll remember the moments where your head rested on my chest before a ride, where you galloped to me in the field, and when you called to me at the end of the aisle. I’m already missing that crazy smile and your velvet kisses. You taught me life lessons that exceed the equine world and for that I am grateful. Taz, thank you for being everything I never thought I needed.